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Our Mission

We believe that networking and creating research and business relationships is important to create a sustainable community for improvement and innovation. While the conference offers ideas, presentations, discussions, knowledge during the day, the social talks after the conference are equally important to establish trust and partnerships. We also believe that Europe integrates many regions with different cultures and to build European trust based partnerships we need to learn about the culture of regions. So please join the networking space and social events.

2020 Social Events

Europe has many different regional cultures and customs, and still we need to work together in the EU frameworks. Already at the start of EuroAsiaSPI² in 1994 it was decided to place the conference  in a different region every year and that the local host organises social events that help us to learn about the hosting culture, the traditions, history and the local food. This has a large influence on what social events EuroAsiaSPI² offers.

This year we will explore Düsseldorf, the Rhine metropolis!

EuroAsiaSPI 2020 Travel Guide for Social Events

Travel Guide about how to come from the conference to the social events.

Dusseldorf at the Rhine - A City of History and Architecture



Social Event on the First Conference Day (9.9.2020)


Hausbrauerei zum Schlüssel

On the evening of the first Conference Day we will gather in the old town of Düsseldorf, in a traditional brewery.

18.30 Buses take the delegates from the university to the Dusseldorf City Center

19.00 Key brewery in Dusseldorf with traditional beer garden

Hausbrauerei "Zum Schlüssel"
Bolkerstraße 41-47
40213 Düsseldorf-Old Town

Tel: 0211 82 89 55 0
Fax: 0211 82 89 55-31
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The inn "Zum Schlüssel"/ "To the key" is a house brewery founded in 1850, which still brews original beer after their own recipe by procuring some of its raw materials directly from the region. A special feature of "Zum Schlüssel"/ "To the key" is the beer garden, which is located in the churchyard of the Neanderkirche opposite. The name "Zum Schlüssel"/ "To the key" derives from the fact that in former days the keys to the city gates were deposited overnight in nearby inns.


Social Event on the Second Conference Day (10.9.2020)



On the evening of the second Conference Day we will visit a historic hotel with event rooms in the old town of Düsseldorf, with a three courses dinner and dancing floor and music.

18.15 Buses take the delegates from the university to the Dusseldorf City Center

18.45 Guided City Tour - Learn about the City of Dusseldorf at the Rhine River

20.00 Social Event - Dínner at the Steigenberger with music and dance

Steigenberger Parkhotel restaurants in Düsseldorf offer an unrivalled dining experience, pairing the famous meals with an exquisite selection of wines.


The 5-star Steigenberger Parkhotel Düsseldorf is located right on the shopping and entertainment strip of the Königsallee in Düsseldorf.


Historical -

Steigenberger hotel in Düsseldorf established in 1900.

The hotel is directly located at the Königsallee.


Golfers Event on the Day After the Conference Day (11.9.2020)


Düsseldorf is also a city of golf. ISCN staff member Tobias Zehetner is golfer and second in the local golf championships in Graz and will lead conference participants to the Golf course at Grafenberg on Saturday after the conference. If you are interested, join Tobias.