EuroSPI² 2020 Key Notes

How to Educate the Cloud?

Sara Schmitz will provide an experience story of localization of Oracle Netsuite in the cloud. She is a certified terminology manager and was involved in localising Netsuite in the cloud. She will hold a presentation and share her experiences with us.

- Netsuite is the #1 Cloud ERP

Sara Schmitz

Alliance for Batteries Technology, Training and Skills - Electrification of Vehicles

Abstract: A new skills alliance as a BLUEPRINT project (sector specific strategy projects in European Union) started with 1.1.2020. E-Mobility and electrification of the power-train are a ain goal for future vehicles and in this project the skills and competencies for the work forces in Europe to empower battery systemms design are developed. The project is like DRIVES uner the guidance of the ACEA, the European Automobile Manufacturers Association.

At EuroSPI² 2020 the project and its strategy for Europe will be presented.

Alliance for Batteries Technology, Training and Skills

DRIVES 2020 Update - Access to the E-Mobility Key Skills Platform

Abstract: DRIVES starts a DRIVES platform for the Automotive manufacturers in 2020. Access to key skills demanded by Automotive manufacturers in the future will be presented.

Curriculum vitae: Petr Dolejsi was born in 1977 in Prague. He has graduated PhD. in Economics and Social policy at the University of Economics in Prague, following the Masters´ degree in Economics and Reginal policy. He also passed several courses and stages, including scholarhip at the Universite Cathollique du Louvain in Belgium.
He has started his career within the public services on different, leaving the Ministry for Regional Development of the Czech Republic at the Head of Unit post to Permanent representation in Brussels in 2004. He became member of the Presidency team in 2009 chairing the Competitiveness and Growth working party of the Council. In 2010 he joined ACEA and became a Director for Mobility and Sustainable transport, with a specific focus on CO2 policy, industrial policy and alternative

A view about Life Cycle Management and New Technologies (e.g. Eye Tracking) in Automotive Production

Abstract: Digitalisation has changed the way companies communicate, manufacture and organize themselves. In the first phase of digitalisation, companies mainly focus on the increase of productivity, efficiency and profitability through the integration of new technology to connect devices and machines, digital tools such as platforms, digitalised distribution channels or even digital business models. Only in the second phase, they realize, that not only the machines and methods must adapt to the changes resulting from digitalisation, but it has also a great potential to improve labor conditions and working procedures on the shopfloor. This means that the communication, orchestration and working methods change too and new ways and standards must be set.

Industry 4.0 and Digitilisation of Production and effects on the Work Place.

Prof. Jörg Niemann, University of Applied Sciences, Düsseldorf, Germany

Clean SPICE processes and agile methods are the key to modern automotive software engineering

Abstract: With development of our digital headlamp we’ve succeeded in making the light distribution more flexible than ever before. In order to realize series production, our first agile project within an Automotive SPICE framework has been created. Thanks to excellence in engineering and customer satisfaction as compass MARELLI Automotive Lighting has proved that it’s possible to unite SPICE standards with agile methods.

Steffen Seidt, currently Electronics Development Manager at Marelli Automotive Lighting, graduated in Technical Business Administration and in Technical Informatics from Universities of Applied Sciences Bielefeld and Ulm. Very soon thereafter, the enthusiastic electronic engineer with passion for cars took over the lead of system and software development for chassis and steering electronics at ZF Friedrichshafen AG. There, he introduced Safety and SPICE Level 3. After 6 years in leading positions in software development at Hella he became responsible for software and system development at Lear Europe in 2014. Mr. Seidt has been head of electronics development at Marelli Automotive Lighting since January 2018.

Steffen Seidt, Electronics Development Manager at Marelli Automotive Lighting, Germany