Associated Tech Days

Concept of Associated Technology Days

Associated technology days are conferences which are organized the day before the EuroSPI conference. They are prepared and managed outside the EuroSPI conference as a separate event and are financed by specific organizations who manage their specific day. Registrations and payments for these associated technology days are not done through EuroSPI and also EuroSPI is not co-financing these events. However, the technology days allow EuroSPI supporting partner organizations to manage their own events in association with EuroSPI and at a date where it is possible for technology day participants to also register and come for EuroSPI.

Find below the outline of associated technology days agreed for 2020.

  1. Technology Day for Assessment and Improvement Tools (organized by ISCN)
  2. To be announced


08.09.2020 Technology Day for Assessment and Improvement Tools

Free Participation

ISCN invites for a free event. Also it will be possible for attendees to win one of 3 free tickets for EuroSPI2020.

Preliminary Program

  • Key note from leading Automotive Industry Using Capability Adviser System
  • Presenting the concept of teamwork in assessments
  • Presenting the use of rating rules and recommendations in ASPICE 3.1 and VDA Guidelines using a database based assessment tool environment
  • Capability Adviser based Assessor Experience
  • Key Note about Metrics and Trends used for ASPICE levels 2 and 3
  • Presenting the metrics tool box with interfaces to RTC tool chain
  • Presenting the planning tool box with interfaces to RTC tool chain
  • Experiences with ASPICE 3.1 based planning methods and metrics

In addition there will be an exhibition of tools used in ISCN coachings.


ISCN invites for free buffet lunch.


ISCN invites for free dinner in Dusseldorf Altstadt and a glass of Dusseldorf Alt beer.