Local Information







EuroAsiaSPI 2020 Host Institution

Hochschule Düsseldorf,

University of Applied Sciences

Münsterstraße 156

40476 Düsseldorf



EuroAsiaSPI 2020 Location in the HSD Campus

The conference is in the building Nr. 4.

ONSITE Building and ROOM PLAN (Version 2)


EuroAsiaSPI 2020 Travel Guide for Social Events

Travel Guide about how to come from the conference to the social events.


EuroAsiaSPI 2020 Covid Rules and Form to be Filled In

Attendees need to read and sign the Covid Rules form. Please print the form and bring a signed copy with you to the registration.


 How to get to the Hochschule Düsseldorf

 By public transport from the Airport to the EuroSPI 2020 Conference Venue:

From Düsseldorf Airport Terminal you can take S6 (directed to Köln-Nippes) or S11 (directed to Bergisch-Gladbach) and  after a 6 minutes travel and two stops you arrive at Düsseldorf-DERENDORF, where you get off and continue with a three minutes walk towards Münsterstraße 156. Trains pass every 20 minutes.

If you come by car, you can find partking options for free here for EuroSPI attendees.